well hello there

i have been slack.

what's up?  miss me? haha

anywhoo....i went to nashville few weekends to see my homeslice lauren.  our other hometown friend, jclo came up too.  we pretty much ate our way through the city.  it was fantastic.  i also went to my first drag show where one of the "ladies" had a better body than me!  insane.

oh and we wore mustaches most of the night for movember so we looked like creeps.


while i was out of town my sweet husband surprised me with a new dishwasher.

it is stainless(yayyy!)  and it CLEANS.
our older one was/ did neither of those things so i am pretty pumped.

he rocks

the weekend after turkey day the hubs and i joined our awesome friends nick and casey in a food contest in georigia.  we made fried mac and cheese balls with crab and won 2nd place.  holla!

i also shot my first gun (i am TERRIFIED of guns..never even held one before) and won 3rd in a turkey shoot.  i feel pretty manly this month between the guns and mustaches.
so this weekend i detoxed and decorated for xmas.  it was wonderful.
OH, on our way home from date night saturday we passed this:

they even had music

loving this time of year!

t-minus 20 days!!

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