kitchen update!!!

You know it pays to have designers as friends.  One of my college friends, Kirsten, works at a tile showroom in Charlotte and has helped me select my backsplash.  I can select tile but it is really the tile showroom designer who does the tile layout and figures out how it all works out.  I mean you have to think about all the little details which is why you keep people like Kirsten in your life to point all these details out to you.  Thanks KK!

In early 2012 I will replace the backsplash to this crackle finish subway tile. It is gorgeous and timeless which is what I am looking for.
Plus I get a friends discount!  Holla!  Now on to the cabinets....

   My in-laws came up the weekend before last and added molding to the top of our cabinets which maybe took 3 hours.  Such a difference {imagine it painted and how it will all look like one piece instead of an add on}. 

 the flat bottom on this type of molding allowed for easy installation
he used a piece of wood to reinforce it
{please excuse the nasty popcorn ceiling!!!}

He also added a piece of wood to the bottom of our cabinets so we can now add under cabinet lighting.  Yay!

 the light is now hidden and wired to a switch.  these pictures are IN PROGRESS.  imagine all of the wood on the cabinets painted gray and a white subway tile backsplash that goes all the way from the countertop to the bottom of the cabinets.

 I also had time to buy my pulls at Restoration Hardware.

After 3 quotes we finally picked our painter. The last quote came from a painter my friend’s company uses and he was by FAR the cheapest. Literally 1/3 of what another quote was.  Only major decision left is paint color.  I will probably spend next week working on this and painting up some poster boards.

So excited!