What up bloggy world!  Happy Sunday! This post is a little sappy….so go ahead and X out if you’d like. :) This weekend my sweet sweet husband and I headed to Savannah for our 3 year anniversary. I CANNOT believe it has been 3 years. Most people say the first years as newlyweds can be a challenge – for us it has been a breeze. If anything marrying Matt has made me better….he is after all the nicest person I have ever met. I know your “supposed” to say that about your spouse but seriously he is THAT nice. If you have met him and reading this you are probably nodding your head. He makes me dinner most nights of the week (I’m a C- wife ladies and gents…just kidding but not really…he gets home before me!), works in the yard on his own AND has started to become somewhat tidy. Okay the last one is lie…he still stuffs clean laundry under the bed to hide it from me....maybe by our 5th anniversary I will have changed him.

We have gone on a trip every anniversary and it is always something to I look forward to.  Two years ago we went to Chicago and last year we went to San Francisco/ Napa.  I hope to upload/ blog about Savannah tomorrow because I think we ate our way through the city.  Such a blast!  :)
Chi Town 2009 - hands down my favorite city
napa last year :)

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