hellllllo monday

Wow. It has been a week since my last post.  I have a lot of catching up to do!  I meant to post pictures from Savannah last week so I will begin there.  We started off by having lunch in Palmetto Bluff on our way to Savannah.  Very neat area and best chicken salad I have ever put in my body. Omg.

 This little chapel faces the water....gorgeous
 We headed into Savannah and immediately walked into some shops and had a ridiculous amount of fudge/ pralines. 

 happy hour at the chophouse then we went to a rooftop bar called Bohemian
 playing tourist saturday

 The Olde Pink House was my favorite part of our trip.  We sat at the bar downstairs for an hour or so which hasn't changed from the 1800's.  You can't even read a menu down there it is so dark and they only use candles.  This bar has two fireplaces, a pianist, and zero tv's.  My kind of bar.  When our reservation was ready we headed upstairs to this romantic table.  We brought a bottle of wine from our Napa trip {they don't have a corkage fee for the first bottle so this worked out well!}.   The food was amazing {food network was correct...it was the best thing I ever ate} and  I will go back next time we stay in Savannah.

So that was last weekend.  This weekend we bought an oven.  Helllllllo gorgeous!  Ours was so old {circa 1993} the employees of Sears were even making fun of it.  We had no idea what size our existing wall oven was and need the cut out dimension so I brought the user manual.  It actually wouldn't turn off after prolonged use so this wasn't something I wanted to put off much longer.  Turning your oven off/ on by the circuit breaker is a tad inconvient.
 We also updated our fireplace this weekend.  So long brass!

down the road I will get a fireplace screen like the one below
side note...really loving my fall entrance to our abode

OH and I made these THESE "scream cheese brownies" for work  :)

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  1. Looks like yall had so much fun in Savannah! Love the new fireplace sans the brass!