hollllla! it's gonna be a good hair day!

I wish I had pretty hair.  I have " nice enough" hair but I do not take the time to style it.  It is super thick so blow drying is the biggest pain in the ass.  (That is if I even wash it...so slack.)  My hairdresser was bad mouthing her sister and how she flipped her head over and dried her hair that way....I was like uhhh....me too?!?  Anyways, I am doing my own hair for a wedding I'm in on Saturday and was looking for inspiration on pinterest and totally hit the jackpot. 

Isn't the messy double knot awesome?  I could do this.
Growing my hair back out starrrrrtttting NOW!

 I also found hair tutorials for morons like me who NEED step by step.

AND I came across a hair stylist who has a blog.  I am way jealous of her hair.
She has tips and product recommendations too.  Her number one tip is spend and extra 10 minutes on your hair...haha.  Check it out HERE.

Wish me luck Saturday!  If all else fails I am a master with a curling iron!

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