So excited fall is here!  It is hands down my favorite time of year.  I am crazy about anything pumpkin flavored (except pumpkin pie and sweet pumpkin drinks - I don't do sweet drinks - coffee black please).  I have already made pumpkin bread, worn boots, painted my nails a fall color, and we have been burning numerous pumpkin scented candles for weeks- loving it!  I am so fortunate to live in an area that has four seasons.  The morning weather on my runs has been incredible.  I mean to no longer break a sweat walking to my car at lunch is enough to have me rejoicing. 

 I have put out a few fall decor items but nothing crazy - very simple.  What I really need to do is give my front door area a fall makeover.  I am not ready to bust out the mums out yet but very very SOON!


guest bedroom art!

I have been looking at these beauties since this summer on Etsy and finally sat down to decide which trees (she has 6 different ones) to order last night.  We are going to hang four of them in 11 x 14 frames and have a little collection.  Super excited to get these in!

check it out HERE!


eye candy

can you believe that these are ikea cabinets? 

 this kitchen is perfection.  beautifully-fabricated carrera marble, the gold hardware, built-in fireplace, subway tile with darker grout, AND herringbone wood floors - insane.  i am so green with envy.

happy hump day!


Michael Lindsey + Will tied the knot!

I had a great weekend being part of one of my closest friend's wedding.  She looked absolutely STUNNING and everything was picture perfect.  Even the food and band were phenomenal.  The wedding was outside and the reception was supposed to be on the rooftop of the Holiday Inn but due to it being so cool, was moved indoors.  The rehearsal dinner was held in a private room at Strike City which is an upscale bowling alley in uptown Charlotte. 
Best. idea. ever. 

so fancy!

Grooms cake
the happy couple!
hubs + me
MOH + me
bridal party
GORGEOUS flowers
I treated myself to two cupcakes! Very yummy!
And no wedding is complete without a vuvuzela...
Michael and Will both played college soccer and still play so this was fitting.
The wedding party played these when they where announced at the reception.
check out the back of that dress!

crashing their sweetheart table

So much fun!  Also - I was able to pull my hair up.  It took 3 tries (one of which I looked like I had a mullet) and Matt reminding me that it isn't MY day but was happy with the result.
Congrats to the newlyweds!


hollllla! it's gonna be a good hair day!

I wish I had pretty hair.  I have " nice enough" hair but I do not take the time to style it.  It is super thick so blow drying is the biggest pain in the ass.  (That is if I even wash it...so slack.)  My hairdresser was bad mouthing her sister and how she flipped her head over and dried her hair that way....I was like uhhh....me too?!?  Anyways, I am doing my own hair for a wedding I'm in on Saturday and was looking for inspiration on pinterest and totally hit the jackpot. 

Isn't the messy double knot awesome?  I could do this.
Growing my hair back out starrrrrtttting NOW!

 I also found hair tutorials for morons like me who NEED step by step.

AND I came across a hair stylist who has a blog.  I am way jealous of her hair.
She has tips and product recommendations too.  Her number one tip is spend and extra 10 minutes on your hair...haha.  Check it out HERE.

Wish me luck Saturday!  If all else fails I am a master with a curling iron!


Out with the old, in with the new!

So if you read this blog you may have read my mention of our "forgotten about loft".  WELL it finally got its first dose of TLC over the weekend.  We happened to be in Lowes and in between drooling over the thought of new appliances and pricing out iron stairway balusters we came across some pretty decent looking sconces.  I will go in to detail of the "plan" for this space later but in a nutshell this will be our play room/ family room.  It is tiny and doesn't have any overhead light nor will it really have much room for side tables and lamps so sconces make the most sense.  The previous owner had some skanky ones put up and I can't believe it has taken me a year and half of living here to finally do something about it.  I guess out of sight out of mind?
Skanky ones that we (Matt) took down


MUCH much better!
Now off to watch Bachelor Pad!  I know I should be embarrassed by this omission but I really can't help myself.


home office

Howdy!  It has been over a week since my last post which isn't my style.  I have to say work has been kicking my ass BIG TIME.  My coworker said she cried on her way to work yesterday.  She is getting married next weekend and I can't imagine having all I have to do AND be planning a wedding.  Not to mention I think I mentally checked out a solid two weeks before I walked down the aisle.

I digress.....

So my Sister lives in the CUTEST bungalow home.  SO much character.  Well this first home has only two bedrooms one of which serves as guest room and home office.  She is in need of some home office inspiration as do I.  We have a "forgotten about loft" which does have a desk with a computer but we do not use it.  We are always out of ink when we go to print not to mention the computer is almost a decade old and works like it.  Plus we both have laptops.  BUT one day I hope to have a designated area with a lavish home office!

This would even be perfect for me.  A space to pay my bills because I still like to write a check and mail it in - old school.

This is an ikea top with pottery barn files below.  VERY practical if you actually work from home.

Happy Thursday!