Don't do it!

As a designer there has always been things that I have never liked {hello I'm particular} BUT buying the “sets” of furniture takes the cake.  Buying an 8 piece this or a 7 piece that is a MISTAKE.  It is boring…it is blah…and who wants to live in blah blah?  NO ONE!  

Brace yourself, this is ugly....

Yes, it takes more effort to build a room but you do that now with your clothes so those same rules apply.  If you are reading this and are thinking to yourself “crappppp this is me” well it isn’t the end of the world. If you bought the bedroom “set” just purchase new nightstands in a different finish.  And no, those don’t even need to match.  That is the cheapest fix.  If you have wood finish everywhere else, then try mix it with mirrored or white lacquered side tables…or even paint them.  It will instantly look better!

Also, make sure your room has a mix of leg and skirted furniture…you don’t want the room to be too leggy….everything needs a balance.  Same with the fabric.  Everything should NOT be covered in the same fabric.

Exhibit B....it is REAL bad...

We get it - this person LOVES red {which is actually my least favorite}.  But really, does it all need to match?   Not to mention a "baby" rug {another pet peeve...rugs that are for the cocktail table - so stupid looking!}.
Your space has to be interesting and has to have depth. So don’t be a sucker just because they are throwing in 42” television. Think outside the box.
See this is more tonal but isn't matchy matchy

Mixing shapes, skirted and non skirted pieces AND fabrics...much much better.

This is just my opinion - so not trying to offend. :)
Happy Tuesday!

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