i spy lucite!

What is lucite?  Is it the same as acrylic?  Yes, lucite is basically just a trademark brand name. Is this plastic?  The answer is yes.  BUT it is a high grade of plastic made primarily of petroleum.  It is expensive because it is made in sheets.  The thicker the sheets the higher the price tag and it is harder to maintain that crystal clear look that is sought after.  Not to mention it is made from petroleum.  So in a nutshell it is fancy plastic that I love.  Just one piece of it give a space a bit of a sparkle...yes I just typed the word sparkle. 
I personally love it as a desk chair. Especially since most people have their desk/ office combined with a guest room.  This doesn't take up a lot of space visually.


monday monday monday

Good morning!  I have MIA lately and have no idea why.  Sorry!  My girlfriend got on to me and asked what my deal was with my blog Saturday morning.  We spent Saturday moving her and her husband into the CUTEST ranch home in Costswold.  This ranch is huge (4 large bedrooms) but she, Casey, is a Residential Interior Designer so I know she will have this decorated by this fall.  I can't wait to see it and I am so excited for them! 

In other weekend news Matt bought me this new purse!  LOVE it and have been eyeing it for awhile but could never pull the trigger with it's pricetag.  We actually went after moving our friends and if you have ever been to Southpark mall in Charlotte people get fancy schmancy so let's just say we stood out...ha.  Like we care...just interesting when I see ladies who shop in sexy high heels on a Saturday...so dumb. 
I also had to a chance to see my Sister Sunday Morning.  I miss seeing my sisters all the time.  Luckily we all live within a few hours of each other so I can't complain too much.  Sam, the sis after me, is in Graduate School at USC so I was able to stop before I headed to a Bridal Shower for my college girlfriend in Columbia.  I had so much fun at this shower!  Can't believe Marina's wedding is in weeks! 

So Matt and I got jack done on our house this weekend but we have a date with our fireplace when he gets back from his golfing trip.  This brass cover has got to go.
Happy Monday!


my favorite room in the house!

One of the reasons we bought our home was because of the screen in porch.  This was actually the first space we really did anything with.  My Father-in-Law and Matt put tile down our first spring here.  I love it!  Matt sits out here all the time so for his last birthday I got him TV.  He will sit outside and smoke a cigar and watch sports - such a happy camper.  When it isn't 100 degrees we practically live out here.  I really can't wait to enjoy it this fall!

So long skanky blue carpet!


wicker furniture is my in-laws' old set

cushions are from homegoods
pillows are from restorations hardware
large shell was actually from snorkeling in the Dominican Republic
 table + chairs were from our rental

Coolest black candle in the pot by the door.  We got that last spring at Post & Grays.  Same with that wicker candle.  The glass table is actually from Walmart.  :)

Anyone else notice the amazing temperature change this morning?!  Felt AWESOME!  I saw plenty of newbies on my run this morning.  I am so ready for Fall.  :)


Melissa's Peanut Butter Pie

Hope y'all had a fantastic weekend!  I unfortunately spent all of Saturday sick {I NEVER get sick} which really sucked and kind of ruined my Saturday.  I didn’t eat pretty much all day which made me STARVING come Sunday.  I finished my hubby’s french toast & couldn’t stop eating this pie.  It is crack.  No joke, it really is.  Have you ever caught yourself walking into the kitchen for one more bite and instead space out and then have to have a talk with yourself saying “Enough! Get control of yourself! Put the fork down!”.  It is that good. 

I got this recipe at my bridal shower from my old designer coworker and friend Melissa who warned me how good it was!  Thanks Melissa!

1 cup crunchy peanut butter

8 oz. cream cheese

1 cup of milk

2 cups powdered sugar

8 oz. cool whip

Whip cream cheese. Add the rest of the ingredients, whipping in the cool whip last. Pour into an oreo crust & freeze till it sets.  Makes two pies.  Drizzle hot chocolate or caramel over it before serving. Keep frozen.

It is that easy! I didn’t have any drizzle on hand and it was still delicious.


Betsy Brown

I received my House Beautiful over the weekend and was smitten.  Lately have been bored with their magazine BUT this past issue I found myself in love with this home done by designer Betsy Brown.  This 1855 Greek Revival plantation has such a depth even though it is a neutral palette.  She used layers and layers to build texture for a casual elegance.  GORGEOUS!

 Even the little details matter - like the greek key trim on the bottom of the chairs.

Almost the weekend!  Yipee!


I have been LOVING the weather this week.  Fall is my FAVORITE time of year and this bit of cool weather makes me realize it will be here before you know it!  Yay! 
Anyways, I have been really of tract lately.  Kind of unmotivated design wise.  Like you see this list of things you have to do you and instead you watch a lifetime movie kind of attitude...yep that happened.  I am GOING to get back on track this week!  To start, I spent lunch surfing this website Home Decorators who carries affordable furniture.  Not looking for anything in particular - just browsing.  I have never bought furniture online before {I barely buy clothes online because I always try things on} but might start because these pieces have great prices.

A few of my favs:
$399 - comes in different fabric choices!




8 x 10 only $529!



Check it out here!


Inexpensive Headboards

I had a friend say to me that she isn’t crafty enough to make her own headboard but wants one that is affordable.  So I bring you cost effective headboards!  The Urban Outfitters one is the least expensive coming in at $369.  I think it looks great for the price tag although I haven't seen it in person. 

urban outfitters

ballard design

nate berkus hsn

west elm

west elm

z gallerie

pottery barn

pottery barn

If you can spend more than $900 and don’t mind designing it, purchasing your own fabric, then I recommend contacting your local upholsterer.  It might be more affordable than you think.  If this is you and you live in Charlotte then check out Design Upholstery over in Plaza Midwood.  Also, for fabric, check out Modern Fabrics. GREAT deals on great fabrics - very hit or miss but worth stopping by.  Other fabric places are Mary Jo's and Tony's Fabric {both VERY hit or miss}.  Tony's has a room where everything is under like $6 a yard...mostly junk BUT you might find that diamond in the rough - I did.  :)
 Happy Monday!


Don't do it!

As a designer there has always been things that I have never liked {hello I'm particular} BUT buying the “sets” of furniture takes the cake.  Buying an 8 piece this or a 7 piece that is a MISTAKE.  It is boring…it is blah…and who wants to live in blah blah?  NO ONE!  

Brace yourself, this is ugly....

Yes, it takes more effort to build a room but you do that now with your clothes so those same rules apply.  If you are reading this and are thinking to yourself “crappppp this is me” well it isn’t the end of the world. If you bought the bedroom “set” just purchase new nightstands in a different finish.  And no, those don’t even need to match.  That is the cheapest fix.  If you have wood finish everywhere else, then try mix it with mirrored or white lacquered side tables…or even paint them.  It will instantly look better!

Also, make sure your room has a mix of leg and skirted furniture…you don’t want the room to be too leggy….everything needs a balance.  Same with the fabric.  Everything should NOT be covered in the same fabric.

Exhibit B....it is REAL bad...

We get it - this person LOVES red {which is actually my least favorite}.  But really, does it all need to match?   Not to mention a "baby" rug {another pet peeve...rugs that are for the cocktail table - so stupid looking!}.
Your space has to be interesting and has to have depth. So don’t be a sucker just because they are throwing in 42” television. Think outside the box.
See this is more tonal but isn't matchy matchy

Mixing shapes, skirted and non skirted pieces AND fabrics...much much better.

This is just my opinion - so not trying to offend. :)
Happy Tuesday!


kitchen envy

I spent a bit of time looking at paint colors for my cabinets over the weekend and Farrow & Ball's Hardwick White is one on my list.  I happened to remember seeing it recently when I was blogging about backsplash ideas here.  In real life the paint color reads on the cooler side as opposed to this taupe look.  I LOVE everything in this kitchen + breakfast nook.  The colors, the hardware, of course the backsplash ....everything!  I am REALLY jealous of her cake plate collection as well.  I only have 3 :(.

Aren't the flamingos fun? 

 Love the fact that she found this sofa for $25 at a yard sale...my kind of girl!

Happy Monday!