Trellis Wall Stencil!

I am so happy this is DONE!  So long 1993 wallpaper!!!  This took me a VERY long time, much longer than I had anticipated.  I LOVE IT!  Since we won't be living here forever I didn't want to dump $$ into wallpaper so this is a stylish cost effective alternative.  I will have to say that this is the most tedious project I have ever taken on. I had two breakdowns {you know that tired frustrated cry where you see no end in sight not to mention the painters light made this room 1,000 degrees} and both times Matt jumped in to help.  He looked at me like was crazy.  Can't blame him.  I hold my own, but by hour 20 {yes this took a total of 20 hours done in two separate days} I had had it. I know it took me that long because I am Mrs. Perfectionist.  I can’t help myself…every single one had to be perfectly straight which was a challenge.  So if you are considering a stencil I say GO FOR IT!  I do love it and would do it again.  Just plan for it accordingly. :)

So, I purchased my stencil from Royal Design Studio for around $36 and the Benjamin Moore Celestial Metallic paint was $40 per quart - I needed a little over one. {My powder room is 5 x 6}.  I chose Farrow & Ball Buff for the wall color.  Not to shabby.
You will need the following:
Spray adhesive
Small roller
Small paint brush {buy a good quality one}
Wet wipes
Painters light

I started in the dead center of the main wall and worked my way out.  I picked the “ugly” corner for where if the stencil didn’t meet up at the end it could just fade to that corner no one really looks at.  I sprayed the back of the stencil with spray adhesive so it holds up there all by itself.  I read on blogs about using tape – I didn’t go this route because I didn’t want to be on a ladder and have the damn thing fall to the floor mid paint.  This did create a mess so I would consider it now since I had to scrape off the layer of dried spray adhesive before I used it the second time.  {I used my car’s ice scraper which worked perfectly.}  Corners are a challenge.  I folded my stencil {see photo below} and then went back with a small paint brush.  If the whole thing was skank looking I would just take a wet wipes and wipe it off and start over.  After hours and layers a of paint you will might need to clean your stencil. I did.  Make sure it is 100% dry or the paint will bleed under the stencil.  I learned this the hard way!
I taped up the first stencil when finding the absolute center

man that painters light is HOT!

These are from an art gallery in our hometown of Greenville, SC and they are of local attractions.

restoration hardware sconce with silk shades

Looks so much better! Bath hardware, bathmat, and toilet tray are all from Pottery Barn.  Vase with dried pussy willows is one of the special things left to me from my Grandma.

What's left?
Getting rid of that dated gold faucet!  Woo Hoo for ANOTHER project!


  1. Very Nice Jessica!! ..worth the effort!

  2. Thanks Jane! It is so good to hear that! :)

  3. STUNNING JESS!!! Wow, I'm so impressed by your work! Keep it up!

  4. Thanks Lindsey!! That means the world coming from a fellow designer :)

  5. I love looking at the before and after shots! nice job.

  6. Fantastic job! I do this for a living, so I know the pains you went through. You're really brave. I'm also a perfectionist, and I see no flaws in your execution. Congrats! Now go get a massage.

  7. Thanks guys! I appreciate all the love! :)

  8. Hey Jess, wow, I'm SOOO impressed! This looks amazing! I just got my first stencil from RDS too. When you said "Make sure it is 100% dry or the paint will bleed under the stencil." - do you mean each time you painted, you left the stencil on for 20 mins or so, while the paint dried? Or do you mean make sure the brush is dry? I'm wondering about this bleeding under the stencil thing too...Tx!

  9. Hi Maia,
    After you use it for a long period of time, this layer of dried paint will need to be washed off (at least for me it did). And after it was nice and clean I didn't make sure it was 100% dry and the paint bleed through. Which is an easy fix (just wipe it off and start over) but it wasted paint! And time! Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks for the comment & GOOD luck!