new blog design!

Lovin my new blog!  Had a little free time one night last week to draw this and could not be more pleased. 
I still like my chevron blog header but wanted a new look.  I am such a dork.  As I was setting this up my husband asked me what was I doing and I responded "writing html code"....could I sound any more lame?

We had a nice weekend...a very very productive weekend.  We finished the wall stencil in the powder room {hooray!} and attached the headboard to the bed frame so it is no longer ghetto {yay!}.  Pictures to come.  Our home is now so clean you could lick the floors.  It was our first weekend in Charlotte in months so we made the most of it.  Matt did some yard work which I didn't get involved in...he calls me the plant assassin which is true.  Something I am working on.  :)  We did have a nice date night which ended in a trip to TCBY and a LARGE bowl of peanut butter yogurt which is heavenly {and 98% fat free holla!!}.  Get you some!

Happy Monday!


  1. you are so funny. i need to see you soon!

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