Kitchen Backsplash

I had kitchen tile on my mind all weekend.  I keep visualizing what my updated kitchen will look like and I want to get a new backsplash - something simple.  I LOVE white subway tile with a beveled edge or with a crackle finish.  Our current tile isn't terrible, it is just really not "me".  And it is sad because the previous owner put it in only 4 years ago and I know it cost a small fortune because she left all the paperwork.  Such a pity.  It wouldn't bother me so much EXCEPT this one wall....she didn't take the tile all the way, instead she just did a border??  Bizarre.  Always take the tile up to the the upper cabinets people - kitchen design 101! 

Inspiration photos:

I actually HATE circles so I am surprised I like this so much.  I wouldn't put it in my own home but do like it here.


Isn't this herringbone pattern gorgeous?!  This might be my fave.

LOVE everything in this white kitchen!

Happy Monday!

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