dare i say it?

We made a little purchase this weekend....a new flat screen for our....gasp!....bedroom.  I know a lot of people shudder at the thought of having a TV in the bedroom but we can't live without it.  Maybe it is because we both grew up without having one in our own rooms or because we go to bed so early and catch a show before doze off...whatever the reason, the TV is here to stay!  With that said, I am not a fan of having a GIGANTIC TV on display in the bedroom.  This created a struggle in Best Buy because Matt kept saying, "come on man!" but I held my ground at 32"...which is still sort of huge for the bedroom.  So I think our solution will be purchasing an armoire since it is basically hanging off the sides of the current chest.  I want to find one second hand - NOT one of those dated mammoth beast ones -  and paint it a gray.  Look at these gorgeous ones below!

Happy Hump Day!

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