coral decor

Happy Monday!  I had such a great weekend of RELAXING.  No plans which is the best sometimes.  We didn't work on a single project - but there was a lot of talk of what to work on next.  The Mister likes to put in order of what is next on the list to buy.  I tend to stress him out when I start giving off my laundry list of "wants".  I also spent the weekend persuading him to like the color coral.  He is not a fan.  I kept showing him photos like a crazy person.  I even grabbed a J.Crew dress and laid it out for him to visualize.  I want to use coral as and accent, not the main focal which I think he thinks I want to paint walls this shade.  So honey if you are reading this see below!!  OH, and thank you for telling me not to blog about last nights dinner because you rated it a C.  {I am not a cook, I bake so he is correct - I try to make dishes low fat which end up a huge FAIL.}  True love right there.  Ha ha!

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