charcoal cabinets!

Hello blogworld!  I just got back from an extra long weekend in Hilton Head.  The first day back to work is always hard...I tend to lack the sense of urgency that is crucial with what I do...guess my head is in a fog.  But the weekend was great - full of eating AND I read a terrific book called The Help.  {Crazy - I talked to my bestie last night and she is started reading the very same book the very same day as me!}  I think sitting on the beach mesmerized by a good book has to be one of my favorite things.  It is rare...I do after all have a husband who has A.D.D. so he tends to literally ripe my book out of my hands to give him attention...such a puppy.  He did this over the weekend so I would get in the skanky ocean with him. {I call it skanky because you can't see your feet.  I am a certified scuba diver but hate getting in if the water isn't crystal clear.} I even placed a bet that if i get stung by a jellyfish I get to have our kitchen cabinets painted pronto.  Well I didn't get stung BUT convinced him into getting this done this fall...I hope early fall.  Being married to a Financial Planner is no picnic if you like to spend $ rather than save let me tell you. :)

So with all this rambling I wanted to bring up a stash of photos I have on charcoal cabinets.  They are drool worthy - perhaps a bit too dark for my home - but I like to look and admire!

Happy Thursday!

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