oh how i love imperial trellis!

If you are familiar in the design world you have seen this fabric/ wallpaper a bazillion times and are probably sick of it.  I have seen it a TON and somehow still really love it!!  {I worked in a trade only fabric showroom before the recession and this was a hot number.}  I frankly don't care that is overused, if you like something you like something.  It is just the super expensive price tag that has me looking for a substitute {this puppy retails for $180 a yard which is crazy talk even though I won't pay that because of my previous job...but still}.  We are looking to recover an existing chair in the family room with the chocolate colorway.  I think I will just have to bite the bullet though because Matt is actually very particular and hasn't really liked anything else I have shown him.  It is surprising how much guys have opinions on design?!  Sheesh!

*photos via my pinterest*

Isn't it catchy?!


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