I am one lucky girl.  I am blessed in the fact that I truly love my Mother & Sister in Law and seriously had the best weekend with them in the Big Apple.  We spent 4 days of mostly shopping and eating and I am sad that it is over {although my waistline is grateful!!!}.  We spent Thursday shopping in Soho and I got to visit a favorite store of mine Aero.  It is Thomas O'Brian's store + studio.  If that name sounds familiar it should because he has a line at Target with bedding and accessories.  Yes this store is $$$ but it is still nice to walk around and see everything...not to mention the staff is extra nice and even recommended some happy hour locations.
*this post has a TON of photos that may bore you but mean something to me :)*
How cool is this Kate Spade cash wrap?  Lovin the gold!

 really in love with black and white stripes so head over heels for this floor!




baked by melissa mini cupcakes!

cheers to happy hour!

dinner in Little Italy

Friday morning we tried to make it to the Today Show but it was PACKED for the Friday concert of NKOTBSB {I was shocked they had that many fans!} so we had a little breakfast and then visited St. Patrick's Cathedral {gorgeous} and the Empire State Building {super windy!}. 

 We had some Crumbs cupcakes {to die for}, NYC pizza, and more happy hours after shopping.  I have never seen someone shop like Ansley....she is a pro and never gets exhausted from it!!

that's only running 6 miles to burn...no biggie....worth every bite

The best thing of the whole trip was seeing the Lion King on Broadway.  Hands down the best thing I have ever seen!!!!

Saturday after a big breakfast we did even more shopping on Madison Avenue.  Then had a hot dog {or two} in Central Park which was awesome.  If I lived in NYC I would have to live near this or some sort of park.  I was missing trees after a couple of days.  We then had dinner at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill which was the best meal I have ever had.   
get it girls!

dylan's candy bar {ralph lauren's daughter}

mesa grill
 It was a whirlwind of a weekend and I loved every minute of it!!!


  1. Hey, Jessica, I came across your blog - it's great! Oh my gosh, I was looking at these pictures and kept thinking Ansley looks so familiar. Aha, Matt's little sister! I remember when she was like 4 years old running around the River Walk pool! She's grown up to be such a beautiful girl! You guys look like you had a blast in NYC. ~Michele Hill (Primeau)

  2. Thanks Michele!! I know, crazy that she is 21! You are too sweet - hope you are doing well! :)