meeting molly james!

Howdy!  I had a one terrific low-key weekend.  We went to our hometown of Simpsonville, SC and spent time with friends and family.  I have to say I was ECSTATIC to finally meet my Bestie’s baby girl.  She is the cutest little nugget!  It was also very encouraging to see my friend and her hubby with Molly James.  They are such good parents and both know so much already.  I am still terrified of babies because of the unknown.  I always hear people saying you just figure it out but it was very lovely to actually see this with my friend.  I swear my other friend who is a nurse here in Charlotte becomes the main speaker at supper club trying to answer all of our million baby related/ birth questions {obviously none of the girls are mommies yet}.  And then I love to go home and explain all these little details to Matt who always looks horrified when I’m done.   But anyways, back to sweet baby girl Molly James….isn’t she just precious?!!  I wish they moved back south so I could see her more!

such a cutie pie!

Check this out - Saturday night I went to my in laws for a cookout and look att these strawberry mojitos my
sis-in-law made - so pretty! {and delicious!}

So very blessed that I got to see both my own Father as well as my Father-in-Law over this holiday weekend.

Happy Monday!

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