DIY headboard {in progress}

Ok, so this is a project I started on before the Holidays...you heard that correctly...Holidays 2010.  I am not finished with it - close, but not finished.  I feel if i confess this on my blog it will perk me to wrap this up.  I need to wrap this up...but do you ever have things that you are constantly like "ehh, I'll do that next weekend" and then that turns into many weekends and you almost forget about it?  Maybe that's just me.  I decided to make this because the expense was only around $100 whereas the custom built one I wanted would of been $800 - $900.  Which isn't that bad since you will have it forever.  It is just when you have a 2,300 square foot home halfway furnished like I do you cut corners.  So as much DIY as possible upstairs!

So I need to first hang this to the wall {it is currenlty leaning...ghetto} and finish sewing my welt cord {it is just hanging at the bottom}.  I also want to add nailheads to the edge which I will only do if i can make them evenly spaced otherwise it will drive me nuts.  I will post photos and tips once I am done because this was no easy task since I wanted the thickness of a real upholstered headboard.  Most of the DIY ones I have seen are thin because they are only covering a piece of plywood {nothing wrong with that just not my cup of tea}.
Is it the weekend yet!?  Man this week is long!  It probably because I previously worked a flex schedule so I had every other Friday off.  Working every Friday for the past month has been sooooo hard to get used to.  It really was the best luxury and I am still sad that our new DVP terminated it.  My job has taken over my life (luckily I love what I do) so I can’t wait to be at the Lake Keowee with friends this weekend!  That’s also why I love blogging….it is a nice break from my daily grind plus it keeps me motivated to work on my home. 
Happy Thursday!


  1. Jess, I am super impressed that you took this on! I would never have the patience! It looks great! I love seeing all your projects!

  2. Oh my gosh Leigh Ann! So good to hear from you! Thanks girl & hope Chi town is treating you well! :)