Black + White

There is just something about black and white rooms that peaks my interest.   I think the contrast of the two makes such a statement.  I once read that every room needs a dose of both black and white somewhere to balance it.  I actually agree with this...whether it is a black frame on the wall or using a black lampshade....I like a little black + white action.  My favorite has to be b + w stripes...HUGE HUGE fan!

One a random note I am very happy this week is almost a wrap!  It rained so much here the other night our roof started leaking in the guest bedroom.  And as fate would have it, we had another leak the very same night from a toilet running which showed its ugly face on our kitchen ceiling.  Booo.  At least we have a homeowners warranty and someone should be out to fix it asap. 

loooooove black doors

this is my fav...love the tan with b + w

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