Black + White

There is just something about black and white rooms that peaks my interest.   I think the contrast of the two makes such a statement.  I once read that every room needs a dose of both black and white somewhere to balance it.  I actually agree with this...whether it is a black frame on the wall or using a black lampshade....I like a little black + white action.  My favorite has to be b + w stripes...HUGE HUGE fan!

One a random note I am very happy this week is almost a wrap!  It rained so much here the other night our roof started leaking in the guest bedroom.  And as fate would have it, we had another leak the very same night from a toilet running which showed its ugly face on our kitchen ceiling.  Booo.  At least we have a homeowners warranty and someone should be out to fix it asap. 

loooooove black doors

this is my fav...love the tan with b + w


atlanta cape cod - style home

I think this renovated 1930's home definitely has that old-fashioned charm to it.  Check out the GRAY kitchen island....that's what really caught my attention!  They painted it Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray {HC-168} and that color is going in my memory box!  One day I will have some gray kitchen cabinets....hopefully in 2011.  :)

Happy Tuesday!


our casa smells oh so good!

This is one of my favorite candles and we have a few in our home.  It smells SOOO good!  Every time I walk into Anthropologie I fall back into love with it.  {The Charlotte location is always burning this.}  I adore this idea to reuse the container - absolutely clever!

I also have this smaller one below and once I am done with it I am going to reuse it to store cotton balls/ qtips in our guest bathroom.  Maybe I love these candels a little too much.... :) :)
Happy Sunday!


DIY headboard {in progress}

Ok, so this is a project I started on before the Holidays...you heard that correctly...Holidays 2010.  I am not finished with it - close, but not finished.  I feel if i confess this on my blog it will perk me to wrap this up.  I need to wrap this up...but do you ever have things that you are constantly like "ehh, I'll do that next weekend" and then that turns into many weekends and you almost forget about it?  Maybe that's just me.  I decided to make this because the expense was only around $100 whereas the custom built one I wanted would of been $800 - $900.  Which isn't that bad since you will have it forever.  It is just when you have a 2,300 square foot home halfway furnished like I do you cut corners.  So as much DIY as possible upstairs!

So I need to first hang this to the wall {it is currenlty leaning...ghetto} and finish sewing my welt cord {it is just hanging at the bottom}.  I also want to add nailheads to the edge which I will only do if i can make them evenly spaced otherwise it will drive me nuts.  I will post photos and tips once I am done because this was no easy task since I wanted the thickness of a real upholstered headboard.  Most of the DIY ones I have seen are thin because they are only covering a piece of plywood {nothing wrong with that just not my cup of tea}.
Is it the weekend yet!?  Man this week is long!  It probably because I previously worked a flex schedule so I had every other Friday off.  Working every Friday for the past month has been sooooo hard to get used to.  It really was the best luxury and I am still sad that our new DVP terminated it.  My job has taken over my life (luckily I love what I do) so I can’t wait to be at the Lake Keowee with friends this weekend!  That’s also why I love blogging….it is a nice break from my daily grind plus it keeps me motivated to work on my home. 
Happy Thursday!


Kerri Russell's Brooklyn Brownstone

This is a neutral home done right!  I am loving the rustic mixed with the feminine details!  I took a much needed mental break today to look online at this home featured in the June issue of Elle Decor.  I really enjoy seeing the inside of celebrities homes - I  mean I always think it is fascinating to see what people with money choose to do!


oh how i love imperial trellis!

If you are familiar in the design world you have seen this fabric/ wallpaper a bazillion times and are probably sick of it.  I have seen it a TON and somehow still really love it!!  {I worked in a trade only fabric showroom before the recession and this was a hot number.}  I frankly don't care that is overused, if you like something you like something.  It is just the super expensive price tag that has me looking for a substitute {this puppy retails for $180 a yard which is crazy talk even though I won't pay that because of my previous job...but still}.  We are looking to recover an existing chair in the family room with the chocolate colorway.  I think I will just have to bite the bullet though because Matt is actually very particular and hasn't really liked anything else I have shown him.  It is surprising how much guys have opinions on design?!  Sheesh!

*photos via my pinterest*

Isn't it catchy?!



meeting molly james!

Howdy!  I had a one terrific low-key weekend.  We went to our hometown of Simpsonville, SC and spent time with friends and family.  I have to say I was ECSTATIC to finally meet my Bestie’s baby girl.  She is the cutest little nugget!  It was also very encouraging to see my friend and her hubby with Molly James.  They are such good parents and both know so much already.  I am still terrified of babies because of the unknown.  I always hear people saying you just figure it out but it was very lovely to actually see this with my friend.  I swear my other friend who is a nurse here in Charlotte becomes the main speaker at supper club trying to answer all of our million baby related/ birth questions {obviously none of the girls are mommies yet}.  And then I love to go home and explain all these little details to Matt who always looks horrified when I’m done.   But anyways, back to sweet baby girl Molly James….isn’t she just precious?!!  I wish they moved back south so I could see her more!

such a cutie pie!

Check this out - Saturday night I went to my in laws for a cookout and look att these strawberry mojitos my
sis-in-law made - so pretty! {and delicious!}

So very blessed that I got to see both my own Father as well as my Father-in-Law over this holiday weekend.

Happy Monday!