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For those of you who don't blog stalk and know when all these new e-zines come to development let me fill you in.  First, I have to say no magazine will replace Domino.  It was the greatest.  So versitatle so inspiring such a mix of design and textures.  True love.  Well it ended back in Spring of 2009 and the former market assistant, Michelle Adams, joined forces with Patrick Cline, a photographer, and created Lonny Magazine in Fall of 2009.  She is only like 28...impressive little chica.  It is online only and is free so check it out - you won't be disappointed.

Well then Lonny Magazine and Traditional Home made babies and created TradHome which is another e-zine that just came out his April.  It is geared to a younger and hipper {it's about time} crowd. Very inspring & fresh.  This issue talks about emerging designers which I love because as much as I like to see work of established desingers, I get more excited seeing new talent.  I think this will be my favorite because my style is more on the traditional side - but with a twist - which is reflected in TradHome.  I want things to be timeless...but not boring.

Then last week a new publication came out.  It is actually created by blogger and designer Janelle over at Isabella and Max RoomsI had the chance of reading it last and really enjoyed it - lots of fabulous photos!  I am impressed that she has a family, runs a successful blog, and is the editor of this on top of all that.
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  1. I was a Domino-lover too! I guess I'll try one of your e-zines instead...better not disappoint. Jk.