I am addicted.  Slowly but surely I knew I would join and I knew I would be addicted…and its happened.  AND now they have an app for the iPhone to make it even easier!  So what is it?  Pinterest is this online gallery of your images that you “pin” into categories or however best helps you organize.  It saves you from having to store all those inspiration photos on your desktop – it is genius.  You can take any image from the web and pin it to your gallery which will include the link of where it came from.  The only lame thing about it is it takes 3 days to sign up and get into the “club” otherwise you can have a member invite you.  I was in the process of signing up for it because I didn’t think any of my friends were in to this when I had a high school girlfriend asking if I was on board becuse she could  "get me in" – I am now in and I am hooked.  So for all you photo hoarders out there –
get. on. it!

These are some of my current pins :)

See now you want to do it?! 

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