Hurry Up!!

can't. wait. for. the. weekend.

Overcoming this bronchitis while not missing work because of INSANE deadlines has me running thin to the point where all I can think about is the weekend.  I hate feeling that way and hate being one of "those" people but this week has been stressful and I just need to relax and get better.

So I am leaving behind my sickness for....

 Hilton Head Island

 I really can't think of anything else.  I even went to the doctor ONLY because I wanted to be better for my precious beach weekend.

So I can drink plenty of these...

And I can't wait to bike ride to get our traditional cup of coffee + bagel at Java Joe's in Coligny

Or {AND!!!} bike to Marley's and get a ice cream cone.



All I can say is this girl needs a tan with a drink in her hand stat!

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  1. ahh have so much fun :) Wish I could be there to join yall! btw I loveee your blog its so entertaining!!