fickle with paint

Thank goodness it is hump day.  Work is busy and I am still recovering from my weekend.  Sad isn’t…only 27 and I can’t bounce back as quickly as I use to.  I had a BLAST at a block party this weekend with our friends.  Every year in Charlotte during the golf tournament they have this at Piedmont Row.  Then on Sunday we went to the Whitewater Center here in Charlotte and had a fantastic time.  It was a family reunion on my husband’s mother's side.  We had 26 people all together…ever single member showed up so I was really happy for his MeeMaw & PawPaw who hosted this.  It was my first time not only doing whitewater rafting but also doing a zip lining ropes course.  Absolute blast…even though I fell off the raft {along with Matt, my father in law, and our guide which was hilarious}.

So we spent our weekend mostly surrounded with family and friends and got ZERO done on our house.  Our Powder Room is a disaster but we are about to prime which brings me to talk about paint.  I just picked up our paint after buying 2 tester cans and painting poster board to make a clear cut decision.  We have used these sample cans for the last couple of rooms in our home.  Paint is hard.  Paint is cheap but it takes up time to repaint which is more precious to me than $.  Paint is so hard in fact that for our vaulted living room we not only tested 3 colors…but painted the room twice.  I thought Matt was going to kill me.  He spent 8 hours painting it one color and then whoops…do over…another color that is literally a shade darker.  But we had the extension ladder already rented and the space set up so might as well.  If you are deciding on a new color I recommend buying these sample cans.  They are only $3 at the Depot or Lowes and your paint will look different from those chips to the actual space.  I am always surprised when I see people selecting paint at the actual paint center at the Depot.  The lighting isn’t even close to what it will be in your home – at LEAST take that paint chip home to look at with your lighting.  I also think you have to select paint while considering all other rooms in your home.  They need to flow and not be an afterthought.  If you have one room that is a deeply saturated color it just needs to be repeated {the level of saturation not the exact color} throughout with accents, fabric, or the paint.  Or perhaps I am just neurotic?

We decided on the right guy {Farrow and Ball Buff}.  Which by the way they are one of the best paint companies ever.  Do yourself a favor and order their FREE chip card from their website.  Their colors are timeless and they are based out of England.  I color match their samples though...price tag isn't pretty.  I either start with them or Benjamin Moore for paint.

Crazy assortment.

Powder Room's current state aka disaster area

I think Windsor Smith is a genius at creating a flow with color.  She is one designer
who can paint a room hot pink and it blend with the rest of her home. 
Below are images of her home from House Beautiful.



  1. Isn't it amazing what a difference a coat of paint makes? You've inspired me to finally tackle that troublesome trim. If you are looking at samples, they are buy one get one free through 5/16 at Lowe's

  2. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXXT....stop neglecting your blog. I need entertainment.

  3. I totally agree Jane Marie! Good seeing you the other night and trim is on our "to do" list as well. Such a project! Good to know about Lowes!

    Michael...be patient!! I'm new!