couples's shower {backyard cookout}

If you read this blog then you know that we co-hosted a casual couple's shower last weekend at our casa.  I went to design school with Michael Lindsey and actually sit next to her at my big girl job so needless to say we are good friends.  If you read this blog you also know that I spent the day prior feverishly stenciling the only downstairs restroom {can you say procrastinator?}.  I have been REALLY busy at work so this got put on the back burner for umm a few weeks {big fat lie it has been more like month}.

So the day of the shower I was frantically baking, cleaning, running errands and really didn't have the time I thought I would to (a) make the coolest cupcakes ever and (b) take better before pictures.  I didn't stop that whole weekend and I ALWAYS do this to myself...so that is something I will work on with time.  Luckily I have I really helpful husband who stenciled with me in the final hours who also picked up the rentals, food, made the playlist {he is awesome with tunes} and grilled for everyone.  He's a keeper. 

So this photo is only a portion of the food tables for the burger + hot dog set up {the empty platters were for the grilled food}.  I didn't take pictures of the other side because guests were arriving.  I love having bottled soda at little parties like this.  We did it at my sister's shower and it is just a cute touch...plus this bride has a soda a day so she loved it.
*excuse my miller lite in the photo..keepin it classy
Kirsten, the MOH, picked up peonies at the farmers market that morning...they are a fav.
She had ikea tea lights allover the place so it looked amazing at night.
We lucked out that the rain held off till the end of the party so cornhole was a hit. 
Since cupcakes were something that I didn't get to spend as much time as I'd like I just made strawberry cake with vanilla icing and put the grooms on them and then these with the ladies are white cake with chocolate icing.  I bought these liners + people at Sur Le Table.

Happy Couple!
MOH, Bride, and myself

These are crownies aka crack.  My Sister-in Law {who is only 21 and the best cook I have ever met} introduced me to them and they have been a hit every time I make them.  You really can't go wrong putting a cookie on top of a brownie.

We ended up having around 35ish guests and the couple left with a ton of gifts!
I can't wait till September to be a part of their big day!

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