Before & After

This has to be one of the cheapest, quickest fixes ever!  We had this outdated brass fixture in our Dining Room and I decided to spray paint it.  I remember before we closed on this house I had a girlfriend in town and we decided to peek through the windows so I could show her our new home {former owner moved away so we weren’t being creeps}.  Anyways, I remember her making a comment about this light fixture and it is funny what people notice first.  When I saw the Dining Room for the first time I noticed the molding…then I noticed the popcorn ceiling…then the light.  I guess my reaction was LOVE the molding, HATE the popcorn ceiling, EASY fix on the light.  So here is how I did my easy fix...to start all you have to do is lightly sand it & clean it.  Then painters tape off the sockets, prime it {I did 2 coats}, and spray paint it {2 coats}…voila!  I hung ours from a tree for this project.  I purchased the linen shades at Restoration Hardware Outlet last weekend so this whole project cost around $50...not to shabby.

Happy Monday!