Skirted Tables

I think people either love or hate skirted tables.  I fall into the LOVE category of a well tailored skirted table.  I made one for our desk in our office (still needs a glass top though) and am looking to have one made for our family room.  I was running errands near Calico Corners here in Charlotte and popped in and they had exactly what I wanted....the cost of around $500....which isn't bad given how many hours that one in the office took me and it still isn't as polished as theirs.  The labor cost was around $150 so I am just going to compare to a local workworm but I would bet it is pretty close.  These are great because of all the hidden storage!

Home of San Fran designer Grant K. Gibson

Another San Fran designer Palmer Weiss

Another Palmer Weiss design.  This is the exact color I want mine to me.

This is Grant K. Gibson's TV console in his home.  It was featured in House Beautiful.  I always wondered if the tv signal has issues going through that fabric/ liner.  It is probably a thin linen....

This has to be my favorite.  It was featured in July 2009 House Beautiful from a home Tom Scheerer designed.

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