Powder Room

It is time.  We have lived here for 14 months and this is a room anyone who visits sees.  It is dated and drenched in navy Ralph Lauren early 1990's wallpaper.  It was hot then and has got to go.  So after our horrible experience with wallpaper removal we bought a steamer from Lowes...best $60 bucks ever.  We are co-hosting a couple's shower here in May so we have a deadline.  I work better with deadlines.  The plan was originally to put wallpaper in but all the ones that I like are super expensive when you consider installation so we are now going to do a wall stencil.  I saw this in a Symphony Guild Designer House and thought "bingo".  Ever since then I keep seeing it more and more.

The designer house that left me smitten via designer Pam Jones

 The powder room before
via Censational Girl

via Hello Gorgeous.  She made the pattern herself and used a BM metallic paint which is what I will do.

 Option 1 via Olive Leaf Stencils

Option 2 via unknown

Possible Paint Color from BM

Can't wait to work on this in the next couple of weeks!

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