Our Diggs - Before!

Happy Hump Day!  As I embark on this blog I wanted to share pictures from our realtor of our new casa.  We moved in February 2010 so thankfully we have made major progress over the past year.  We still have a long road ahead though. 

Moving from our little Dilworth bubble to Ballantyne was hard at first.  But we just flat out couldn’t afford Dilworth and keep everything on our shopping list which was:  3 bedrooms, at least 2 bathrooms, garage, fireplace, wood floors, screened in porch, and good public schools.  We weren’t willing to wiggle for those!  Not to mention the hubs works in Southpark and I work in Matthews so this is a nice half way mark for both our commutes.  So here she is!  You can see I have a lot of superficial work to do!

Eww! That blue skanky carpet is the worst!

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