Ikea Facelift

Long before we bought our home I purchased inexpensive white drapes from Ikea because I needed to cover my windows for cheap and I actually loved the way these pleated.  I am not a fan of grommet or rod pocket drapes so these were perfect.  Fast forward to present day and I have these in our Master Bedroom on 3 windows.  I decided to kind of give them a bit of a facelift by lining them and adding pleater tape and hooks to give the triple pinch pleat look.  This pleater tape is easy as pie and I have used it to make drapes in our guest room last year.  So I bought the liner and supplies at Hancock (on sale! and I had to of been the youngest person in there) and got to work.  Well apparently I am color blind and purchased off white liner and not white and didn't discover this till I had completed two out of the three.  I was devastated.  They looked yellow which clashed with my white homemade upholstered headboard.   I can barely sew so I called my Mom and she came to the rescue and sewed all six panels for me in under 6 hours.  It would have taken me multiple weekends if I had to do it alone.  My job was to cut/ pin/ prep work.  So a HUGE thank you to my Mom!

ikea before

ikea after - may be too long now that I am looking at it but works for now

Adding pleater tape to the back

I spray painted my exisitng hardware from black to a gray

Adding in pleater hooks

Finshed pleats!

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