After months of deliberation I have decided to take the plunge and start a blog.  I have had a blog in the past about being a newlywed and well became busy and fell off the “blog wagon” but I am back on!  I have decided to do this because I need a creative outlet of sorts and a place to organize my design ramblings for my first home. 

So first, a little introduction….I graduated in Interior Design and after a couple of years of Commercial and Residential Design I now work for a Fortune 500 company in their Store Planning Department.  It is not a creative job as far as finishes and colors but I absolutely love space planning.  However this lack of “shapes and colors” as my husband likes to call it, allows me to put 100% of that energy in to my home.  I have recently moved into my first home in suburbs and have an itch to change everything about it while staying in a budget.  I believe in trying to do everything yourself and if you screw up it can always be fixed! 

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