Guest Bath - Faucets

I am one of those people who has to check out all my options before I purchase anything.  It is rare that I buy something without much thought and keep it.  I am unfortunately one of those people who shops till they drop and when I come home I suffer major guilt and return most of it.  I think that is why my husband doesn’t mind when I buy things because he knows I come home try it one and it has a 50/50 of actually keeping.  I know this makes me crazy and I am cool with it.  With that here is what I have found thus far for faucets for this restroom.  As stated in a previous post I want to try and find an inexpensive faucet for this room.  So far I have checked out Home Depot, Lowes, Overtock, and Faucet Direct.  These are all under $200 - whoop whoop!  I think my favorite is the one with the H + C - love that little detail!

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