Green Thumb

I had the Monday after Easter off and decided to take a stab at the yard. I am known by my husband as the plant assassin so I am realllllly going to make an effort this year.  I feel like if you don’t know how to do something and then you become intimated by it.  Like the whole “oh where to begin” attitude sets in.  So I spent a very long time in Home Depot picking out flowers for a potted plant and then over to Lowes to buy the biggest Endless Summer hydrangeas they had.  Our plan is to place something taller behind them so it has a layered look.  I am all for planting a hydrangea tree, or a big white hydrangea bush to go along with my blue hydrangeas we just planted.  Matt wants a contrasting plant so it his choice since he will be the one who ends up taking care of it.  I do have to say that a woman asked for my planting advice in Lowes and I totally ate it up! 

Excuse the heavy pot with all the trash...and Matt is the one who actually planted them after work...

Going to look so good once something goes in the back!

FAVORITE flower...well besides lilies and peonies

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