Cotswold Marketplace {Charlotte}

Local Shops make me happy.  I love browsing through them.  {Key word being browse!!}   It is so inspiring and therapeutic.   One of favorite places is Cotswold Marketplace.  They carry different designer’s booths and the ladies that work here are always friendly and helpful…but not overly helpful which is how I like to shop.  I stopped in over the weekend to check up on my chairs that the hubs has agreed to be our “next” purchase…unless I cave and have our cabinets painted first…but nevertheless  I went  to stalk them.  This is how lame I am but I am okay with it.  I love these chairs because they are comfortable, inexpensive, and you can customize them a bit.  She has a selection of fabric {my eye is on the linen} and then you pick the style of chair for only $900.  You can also do COM {subtract 100} or “upgrade” to Pindler and Pindler fabric…which in my book isn’t an “upgrade” but hey, at least there are options.   So we are planning to order 4 of these bad boys for our empty living room and eventually put a round ottoman in the center.  I will do a posting of the plan soon.   BUT seeing how I am married to a Financial Planner he will put this off for as long as possible {love you honey!} because he is tighter than me on his wallet and I have taken baby steps to explain how/why furniture cost what it does and how these are a steal.  We really did a Rooms To Go walk through just to erase the concept of getting a 5 piece living and a free tv for only $999…barf…no thank you….college only.  I have no problem with cheaper furniture mixed in, just not in the living room.  So I will happily wait!

Looking at # 11, 14, or 15.  The fabric choices shown are included with the price.

The example chair that is really comfortable!

Thought these were real cute, maybe to anchor a dresser in our bedroom? 

I think I want a federal mirror above my future sideboard.

More cane chairs

French documents that would look good framed.  In fact, I think I will be getting some!

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