Living Room Ideas

This room started as a clean slate.  It has wood floors and lots of molding so very good bones for a 1993 home.   So far we have painted the walls Farrow and Ball Pigeon and had a custom sized natural rug made in a basket weave pattern.  Below is what I am thinking for this space.  It will probably changes 100 times but that is the beauty with this blog, I get to reflect and see my space evolve.

So the plan…
As previously posted I want to have four chairs that sit around an ottoman.  I would like either the chairs or the ottoman to be tufted…still deciding on that.  I know I want my chairs to be a solid fabric and bring pattern in the accessories and pillows.  This is smart because I am one who gets bored of pattern quickly.  Eventually I want to have some sort of storage piece and the end of the room to put lamps on.  If I was loaded I would do built ins and create bookshelves…but I am not so a chest or something of that nature will suffice.  A cabinets with glass or antique mirrored doors might be neat.  But that piece {whatever it may be} is not happening in 2011!

So I am thinking a linen for the chairs, a brown mohair tufted ottoman, silk drapes in both the living and dining room, Visual comfort vendome double sconces in antique brass, and right now I am loving this Galbraith and Paul patterned fabric for pillows.  This is just the *start* of what I am thinking!
{Sorry for the terrible photos below - I took them before work and it is clear that I was in a rush!}

Current state of this space - EMPTY!

Walls where we will have sconces (the doubled size).  One for each baby wall opening up into the Dining Room.


Powder Room Lighting

Whew!  Today was a VERY long day at the office…after 12 hours there I still feel behind.  So needless to say this post will be short and sweet!  I was looking the other night for lighting for our powder room.  We are having a couples shower here in 2 weeks and I have got to get this light ordered!  Here are the two I have narrowed it down to and both from Restoration Hardware.  We are headed to Atlanta for a Braves game {gotta keep the handyman happy} this weekend so I hope to stop by a Restoration Hardware Outlet.  I would love to  have this project done next week so I am excited to see what they have.  I have never been to one but I can’t imagine it being anything but good!


Silk Lamp shades

I have been on the hunt for glass lamps for the Master Bedroom.  I have had a really tough time finding anything that isn’t an arm and a leg so I decided to use an idea of my dear friend and designer Casey.  In her house she used an inexpensive lamp and dressed it up with a silk shade and it looks uber expensive.  So that is what I am doing. 
Target lamp + lux lampshade = Happy Jessica
Borrowed the shade from a lamp downstairs but LOVE the sheer silk.  {Ignore my lack of accessories - just took the photo quickly}

via Pheobe Howard's store...love the box pleat drum shade
via Lux Lampshades Facebook

via Circa Interiors - again box pleat

If you are around the Charlotte area check out the sale they are having May 12 - 14.  I went to this last fall and think I only paid $30 for that silk shade above.


Green Thumb

I had the Monday after Easter off and decided to take a stab at the yard. I am known by my husband as the plant assassin so I am realllllly going to make an effort this year.  I feel like if you don’t know how to do something and then you become intimated by it.  Like the whole “oh where to begin” attitude sets in.  So I spent a very long time in Home Depot picking out flowers for a potted plant and then over to Lowes to buy the biggest Endless Summer hydrangeas they had.  Our plan is to place something taller behind them so it has a layered look.  I am all for planting a hydrangea tree, or a big white hydrangea bush to go along with my blue hydrangeas we just planted.  Matt wants a contrasting plant so it his choice since he will be the one who ends up taking care of it.  I do have to say that a woman asked for my planting advice in Lowes and I totally ate it up! 

Excuse the heavy pot with all the trash...and Matt is the one who actually planted them after work...

Going to look so good once something goes in the back!

FAVORITE flower...well besides lilies and peonies


Cotswold Marketplace {Charlotte}

Local Shops make me happy.  I love browsing through them.  {Key word being browse!!}   It is so inspiring and therapeutic.   One of favorite places is Cotswold Marketplace.  They carry different designer’s booths and the ladies that work here are always friendly and helpful…but not overly helpful which is how I like to shop.  I stopped in over the weekend to check up on my chairs that the hubs has agreed to be our “next” purchase…unless I cave and have our cabinets painted first…but nevertheless  I went  to stalk them.  This is how lame I am but I am okay with it.  I love these chairs because they are comfortable, inexpensive, and you can customize them a bit.  She has a selection of fabric {my eye is on the linen} and then you pick the style of chair for only $900.  You can also do COM {subtract 100} or “upgrade” to Pindler and Pindler fabric…which in my book isn’t an “upgrade” but hey, at least there are options.   So we are planning to order 4 of these bad boys for our empty living room and eventually put a round ottoman in the center.  I will do a posting of the plan soon.   BUT seeing how I am married to a Financial Planner he will put this off for as long as possible {love you honey!} because he is tighter than me on his wallet and I have taken baby steps to explain how/why furniture cost what it does and how these are a steal.  We really did a Rooms To Go walk through just to erase the concept of getting a 5 piece living and a free tv for only $999…barf…no thank you….college only.  I have no problem with cheaper furniture mixed in, just not in the living room.  So I will happily wait!

Looking at # 11, 14, or 15.  The fabric choices shown are included with the price.

The example chair that is really comfortable!

Thought these were real cute, maybe to anchor a dresser in our bedroom? 

I think I want a federal mirror above my future sideboard.

More cane chairs

French documents that would look good framed.  In fact, I think I will be getting some!


Marshalls Jackpot!

I was strolling through Marshalls on my lunch hour and totally hit the jackpot!  I got this Ralph Lauren pharmacy lamp for only $99!  This is going in my Master Bedroom and will eventually have a chair to go along with it.  I just love pharmacy lamps!

My Shopportunity!




Nate Berkus's Office




A.C. Moore Framing

I am so lazy when it comes to framing artwork or family photos….or even updating picture frames.  I am just bad.  My husband has been asking me for a picture of moi for his office for years.  That’s how bad.  I find it hard to select “the one”.  Even with framing things – we have a map we bought in Charleston back in college still not framed.  Sounds like I have a 2012 new year’s resolution.  Anywhoo, we went on an anniversary trip to San Francisco last fall and bought this architectural poster of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I am not a poster person but we both really liked it.  We lucked out and found a frame at Target that fits its awkward size.  The only thing left was to get it matted.  I happened to ask the A.C. Moore clerk and sure enough they have a machine that cuts mat board to any shape size for only a $6 cutting fee.  Crazy cheap I thought.  So here she is, framed and hung in our guest bath, only 6 months after we bought her!  The mat board makes it look so professional.  (Sorry for the glare - photo skills are a work in progress!)


Ikea Facelift

Long before we bought our home I purchased inexpensive white drapes from Ikea because I needed to cover my windows for cheap and I actually loved the way these pleated.  I am not a fan of grommet or rod pocket drapes so these were perfect.  Fast forward to present day and I have these in our Master Bedroom on 3 windows.  I decided to kind of give them a bit of a facelift by lining them and adding pleater tape and hooks to give the triple pinch pleat look.  This pleater tape is easy as pie and I have used it to make drapes in our guest room last year.  So I bought the liner and supplies at Hancock (on sale! and I had to of been the youngest person in there) and got to work.  Well apparently I am color blind and purchased off white liner and not white and didn't discover this till I had completed two out of the three.  I was devastated.  They looked yellow which clashed with my white homemade upholstered headboard.   I can barely sew so I called my Mom and she came to the rescue and sewed all six panels for me in under 6 hours.  It would have taken me multiple weekends if I had to do it alone.  My job was to cut/ pin/ prep work.  So a HUGE thank you to my Mom!

ikea before

ikea after - may be too long now that I am looking at it but works for now

Adding pleater tape to the back

I spray painted my exisitng hardware from black to a gray

Adding in pleater hooks

Finshed pleats!


Powder Room

It is time.  We have lived here for 14 months and this is a room anyone who visits sees.  It is dated and drenched in navy Ralph Lauren early 1990's wallpaper.  It was hot then and has got to go.  So after our horrible experience with wallpaper removal we bought a steamer from Lowes...best $60 bucks ever.  We are co-hosting a couple's shower here in May so we have a deadline.  I work better with deadlines.  The plan was originally to put wallpaper in but all the ones that I like are super expensive when you consider installation so we are now going to do a wall stencil.  I saw this in a Symphony Guild Designer House and thought "bingo".  Ever since then I keep seeing it more and more.

The designer house that left me smitten via designer Pam Jones

 The powder room before
via Censational Girl

via Hello Gorgeous.  She made the pattern herself and used a BM metallic paint which is what I will do.

 Option 1 via Olive Leaf Stencils

Option 2 via unknown

Possible Paint Color from BM

Can't wait to work on this in the next couple of weeks!


Skirted Tables

I think people either love or hate skirted tables.  I fall into the LOVE category of a well tailored skirted table.  I made one for our desk in our office (still needs a glass top though) and am looking to have one made for our family room.  I was running errands near Calico Corners here in Charlotte and popped in and they had exactly what I wanted....the cost of around $500....which isn't bad given how many hours that one in the office took me and it still isn't as polished as theirs.  The labor cost was around $150 so I am just going to compare to a local workworm but I would bet it is pretty close.  These are great because of all the hidden storage!

Home of San Fran designer Grant K. Gibson

Another San Fran designer Palmer Weiss

Another Palmer Weiss design.  This is the exact color I want mine to me.

This is Grant K. Gibson's TV console in his home.  It was featured in House Beautiful.  I always wondered if the tv signal has issues going through that fabric/ liner.  It is probably a thin linen....

This has to be my favorite.  It was featured in July 2009 House Beautiful from a home Tom Scheerer designed.


Bamboo Shades

I am putting bamboo shades in our Master Bedroom and have narrowed it down to 2 choices from Lowes and Overstock.  So far this room is painted Farrow and Ball blue gray (LOVE this color) and I have white drapes that my Mom and I made.  I used the picture below by Pheobe Howard to convey the look I am trying to achieve. 

via Pheobe Howard

                              Here are the inexpensive Bamboo shades I have come up with thus far. 

Farrow and Ball's Blue Gray